Draft Plan

A Note to our readers about this DRAFT Specific Plan:

To enable the DCP neighborhood and others to begin to review our draft Specific Plan, and to provide early comments and input to our Neighborhood Committee, we have posted it here at our website. Please recognize the DRAFT nature of this document. As yet, it has not been reviewed by our neighborhood landowners, nor has it been reviewed by the City of Clovis or others. So this web-site posting is just the first step in what we anticipate will be a very long process; as we receive comments from you and others and seek to address them by making modifications to the Plan’s text or design. As you begin to read the text, its DRAFT nature will be readily apparent. There are grammatical errors, erroneous table or figure referrals, the Table of Contents is off by a few pages on some items, there are missing figures or tables, and spaces left blank to accommodate materials to be added. So this is truly an “EARLY REVIEW” opportunity.

The DRAFT Plan has no authority at this stage in its development, so please do not cite its text or refer to it as a completed or adopted document. It is little more than a “trial balloon”, at this point, to assess whether, in the eyes of our neighbors and/or the community, we are aiming at correct targets. We request that if you strongly agree, disagree or do not fully understand parts of the text, please to provide us with your written comments as specifically as possible. The Committee will do our best to address all comments received. Thank you very much, in advance, for taking time to look over this lengthy document and providing us with your comments. You may contact us via e-mail at the website e-mail address, or contact a Committee member at dmitchellclovis@aol.com. — DCP Neighborhood Committee

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