Yard Signs!


You have probably seen yard signs like this one displayed in the Dry Creek Preserve area. If you would like to order one or more signs for your property, please email or call 323-4587. The signs are $20.00 each and need to be prepaid. Display with pride!



Have any large items that you need to get rid of? The County will give individual residents one coupon worth $40 towards trash hauling or dumping fee. The coupon is valid for 90-days from the day it is mailed to you and can only be used once. Call Fresno County for the coupon at (559) 262-4259. Call Allied Waste at (559) 434-9211 if questions. The coupon comes with the names, addresses & phone numbers of about a dozen places/haulers in Fresno Co. & which ones will take old electronic waste. This coupon is not for hazardous waste but the Fresno Co. number can give one more info on where/how to dispose of hazardous waste (pesticides, batteries, motor oil, paints, medical waste, etc).