Land Use Preferences

In July 2014, the Dry Creek Preserve Neighborhood Committee undertook a survey with the purpose of gathering landowner preference data regarding land uses and the general neighborhood character within the Dry Creek Preserve. Utilizing the results of the preference survey, in concert with mapped data about existing parcel sizes and locations, future land development interest and capacity of the DCP was projected.

The results of the study are presented in the files linked below:

Final Report Land Use Preferences of Property Owners within the Dry Creek Preserve

Map of DCP Parcels with acreage

Appendix A-1 : (2009 questionnaire example)

Appendix A-2 : (2014 questionnaire example)

Appendix B : What We Heard From Neighborhood Landowners

Appendix C-1 : Questionnaire results by Responses

Appendix C-2 : Questionnaire responses by Acreage

Appendix D : List of Data Forms Excluded from Analysis

Appendix E : Land Use Goals and Objectives in existing Specific Plan